FileMaker Interface and Reporting

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Duration: 1 day
Time: 9am - 4pm

FileMaker Interface and Reporting

Course Description

An in depth course on Layouts and Reporting
Layouts are the primary way of presenting and organizing data in FileMaker Pro. Layouts serve both as user interfaces and as areas for design and development. In this module, you will learn how to work efficiently and effectively with layouts.
FileMaker has very powerful reporting capabilities. You can use these capabilities to create reports that allow users to better understand and analyze their data. An effective report can be anything from a simple list view to a basic subsummary or even a chart or complex HTML report.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone that desires to add automation and data calculations to their databases

What You Will Learn


  • Creating a Basic Layout
  • Layout Enhancements
  • Usability, Legibility, Logical Grouping
  • Cross-platform issues
  • Using Format Painter
  • Using Graphics as Layout Elements
  • Formatting Elements as Buttons
  • Entering data in a Standard Layout
  • Moving Through Fields
  • Cleaning up a layout for Printing
  • Value Lists
  • Creating & Formatting
  • Validating formats
  • Working with Conditional Value Lists
  • Using Calculated Field labels
  • Creating field masks
  • Validating by number of characters
  • Creating Data Reports
  • Extending a Found Set
  • Using Search Operators


A Basic Knowledge of FileMaker database creation.