FileMaker Scripting and Calculations

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Duration: 1 day
Time: 9am - 4pm

FileMaker Scripting and Calculations

Course Description

An in depth course on Scripting and Calculations.
One of the most important and powerful tools in FileMaker Pro is the ability to write scripts, which allows you to create routines that can then be triggered in a variety of ways. Scripts can serve a wide variety of purposes, including automating everything from simple navigation tasks to complex reporting and workflow needs.
Learn to use use calculation functions for many tasks, including defining calculation fields, setting up field auto-entry and validation options, creating tooltips, filtering portals, and displaying conditional formatting. Because calculation functions are used throughout FileMaker solutions, mastering calculations is one of the crucial steps to becoming a proficient developer.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone that desires to add automation and data calculations to their databases. Should have a basic knowledge of FileMaker.

What You Will Learn


  • Creating simple scripts
  • Creating a basic script
  • Editing & Managing Scripts
  • Creating and Combining Subscripts
  • Exporting Records in a Script
  • Using External Scripts
  • Working with Conditional Script Steps
  • Conditional Step introduction
  • Using the If and Else command
  • Get Functions
  • Using Get functions with If steps
  • Using Loops in Scripts
  • Using Counters to control Loops
  • Controlling Scripts with User Input
  • Creating Custom Dialog Boxes
  • Extending the Interface with Scripts
  • Making a Find Layout with a script
  • Creating Script Buttons
  • Creating Interactive Buttons
  • Creating a Main Menu Layout
  • Linking to the Main Menu
  • Using Script Triggers
  • Script Troubleshooting
  • Testing Finished Scripts
  • Using Script Debugger
  • Fixing Typical Scripts
  • Importing Scripts
  • Creating a Error Trap Scripts
  • Calculation Fields
  • Combining Fields using Calculations
  • Formatting Labels or Envelopes
  • Formatting Form-Letter Modules
  • Augmenting a Form Letter
  • Using Get Field
  • Styling Text with Calculations
  • Updating Auto-Entry Serial Numbers


A Basic Knowledge of FileMaker database creation.